Har-ki-dun Trek

Last week Jason and I went with three other volunteers on a trek in the mountains (the Himalayas!). We were actually able to return to the same valley where I went trekking the first time I came to India in 2006. Never did I expect to be back in that same, remote valley ever again…let alone with my husband! It was fun trip, a lot of hard work, and many things were the same as I remember them being. The mountains were breathtaking, and we all made it back safe and sound!

DSC07398-RecoveredOur group at the start of the trek

DSC07403-RecoveredHiking India style: Baggy pants, Kurta, old juice bottle…

DSC07448-RecoveredLene sharing her water bottle

DSC07456-RecoveredThe small town of Gangar


DSC07471-RecoveredThe girl who befriended us as we ate our lunch

DSC07467-RecoveredWelcome to Gangar

DSC07494-RecoveredSecond evening..

DSC07524-RecoveredMountain women crossing the bridge with their baskets of grass

DSC07533-RecoveredLooking down on the bridge and Seema after a big climb up

DSC07540-RecoveredMorning sun

DSC07568-RecoveredLooking back from where we’d come

DSC07580-RecoveredGetting closer to the snowy peaks..

DSC07614-RecoveredFinal destination: Har-ki-dun







DSC07676-RecoveredWe made it!!

har-ki-dun campCamp in Har-ki-dun


jason at topJason and Ryan went a bit higher..

DSC07700-RecoveredSunrise upward over the mountain

DSC07718-RecoveredBeautifully carved temple in Osla

DSC07730-RecoveredWomen doing the wash in massive wooden buckets that looked like they were hollowed out tree stumps: Osla

DSC07744-RecoveredBeautiful people



DSC07769-RecoveredThe group at the end!

DSC07776-RecoveredThe little chai stand where we waited for our early morning bus home…


Wheat Harvest

Time to catch up on the blog! We’ve got one month left here in India, then we’ll be in the Philippines for ten days to visit some dear friends before heading back to Canada. Wheat harvest finished a few weeks ago, and finally I’ve got some photos to share. There is enough wheat grown on the farm to last through the year. It’s used at almost every meal to make roti (flatbread)..and all the hay goes to the cows who provide our milk. During wheat harvest, everyone works incredibly hard and puts in long days to get everything harvested. Needless to say, when we’re finished we have a party!

DSC07021Jason getting the hang of it..

DSC07040Beautiful sky


DSC07055Working till dark..

DSC07073In case you didn’t know what wheat looks like 🙂

DSC07074Taking a break

DSC07094Good work team!

DSC07099We got to see a lot of sunsets…

DSC07115Piling up the hay and hauling it to the threshing machine

DSC07122Everybody helps.

DSC07129The smallest boys are water boys 🙂

DSC07132Me and Shivam


DSC07124Small boys working hard.

DSC07146Big boys feeding the threshing machine.

DSC07148First tray of wheat kernels!

DSC07152One of the small boys in a cloud of hay

DSC07160One more sunset


DSC07164Drink break!

DSC07168One field done…many more to go..

It was lots of work, but lots of fun to be a part of wheat harvest. Glad it’s over!!

Shishya Senior School Renderings

Shishya Public School is planning a new senior school with construction starting in a few months (hopefully). I’ve been busy tweaking the site and school design and making renderings.

Shishya Senior School 022 - Full+Gazebo - webThe new Shishya Public Senior School.

Shishya Senior School 022 - Site Overview 2 - web

A site overview including the existing Shishya Junior School and playing field.

The biogas project is also nearing completion. Photos to come soon!

Royal Rajasthan

This post is looong overdue! I was looking at a calendar today and realizing that it’s been a month already since we returned from our holiday. I can’t believe how quickly April went by!

The last two weeks of March we went traveling through the state of Rajasthan with 3 other volunteers. We started in Agra where we saw the Taj, then spent a couple days in Delhi…lots to see there! From Delhi we went to Bikaner which is a small town, not much to do but we stayed in a really nice place and went on a one night camel safari there. After Bikaner we went to Jodhpur, the blue city. I think most of the group enjoyed this place the most, there was a magnificent fort to explore, blue streets, and we stayed in a really great place. From Jodhpur we went to Jaipur where we celebrated the color festival called Holi..and we finished off the trip with a few more days in Delhi. It was a whirlwind trip and we got to see lots! We traveled primarily by train, which was an adventure in itself. I know we missed a lot of great places in Rajasthan but we just didn’t have the time. If I could go back I would have loved to see Jaisalmer, Udaipur, and Pushkar…oh well, maybe next time!




Incredible Taj


Old Delhi


India Gate



The streets of Bikaner



Camel Safari


Mengarah Fort


Beautiful sarisblue4


The streets of Jodhpur


Audio tour at Mengarah Fort


View of the Blue City from the fort


Ziplining over the fort



Children playing in the street in Jaipur


The lassi walla (Lassi-cold yogurt drink)


Galta, the monkey temple (Jason in convinced this is where Jungle Book)


Riding in a rickshaw


Meeting an elephant

Riding on trains

If you’d like to see more photos (including these ones) you can use this link to view the album I posted on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151551072614539.1073741825.511324538&type=1&l=eeea308e2a

*You don’t need to have a Facebook account to be able to view the photos 🙂